What we do

We assist you in innovating your sustainabel business-strategy

we optimise your relation to your clients by adapting communication with customers to climate-changing factors

we strengthen your employees engagement in your sustainabel strategies.


That’s what we call Professionel Supervision in sustainability

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A regular two-hour workshop, for example every month, is usually enough to kick-start new ways of generating creativity in the individual, and in the team.

The creative pool vil enabling your enterprise to be innovative, and develop with the changing needs of your customers. Innovation and ease in responsiveness is what makes the difference between enterprises that grow and enterprises that stagnate.

Supervision is the best method to empower your employees’ creative potential. Professional supervision is the catalyst for your employees to use their knowledge through professional teamwork and throughout every step in production. They grow while combining their knowledge in a creative pool of constructive ideas which will innovate your enterprise.


1) Workshop for leaders :

    Module A:  “From everyday routine to easy creation …

adapting the organization to future challenges”:

  • Together we analyse the actual situation of your business and
    extract your next business-strategy, adapted to future challenges.
  • With the business-strategy as starting point we develop – step by step – an action-plan for the next weeks and months.
  • We plan the details with you, so useful ideas develop into action-plans and concrete tasks.


 2)  Workshop: Problemsolving –

by training creative thinking and the ability to work together in a team.

This is a 2-hour session, best repeated every 2-3 weeks for some months.
The workshop includes a basic lecture in the psychological mechanism behind problem-solving and creative thinking.

The results are new knowledge and abilities to think and act with creativity, which optimises the ability to solve problems and work together in a team.



One of the testimonials:

MARKMAN – Recruitment and Placement Agency.

“Our consultants have been given support in the resolution of concrete problems and insight into alternate problem-solving strategies. They feel that they are better equipped to accomplish their targets.”



We are dedicated to organizations that participate in the solution of climate change


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