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Impressions from our customers:

1. Dennis Christian Larsen, Chief of Section, UNICEF

Ingrid´s coaching has supported me in identifying solutions related to people management in intercultural settings, including strengthening teamwork and resolving conflict through good communication. We have also worked with stress management. Because of her background and experience in psychology, Ingrid has assisted me in obtaining an overview of complex situations and has helped me to identify my own personal resources and how to utilise them best.

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2. Roskilde Language Center – Special Studies for Traumatized Refugees

“We have been given crucial inspiration and support, aimed at increasing our job satisfaction, through working out individual problematic situations and elevating them to the status of general problems. Ingrid has given us new insight through goal-orientated teaching and she has managed to prepare us for change processes in our workplace.“

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3. MARKMAN – Recruitment and Placement Agency.

“Our consultants have been given support in the resolution of concrete problems and insight into alternate problem-solving strategies. They feel that they are better equipped to accomplish their targets.”

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3. From the Health Clarification Team, Copenhagen community :

Experience in rehabilitation has given her a tremendous understanding of the value of  empowerment as a means of achieving optimal functionality for people with a variety of  problems related to the job market.

Cooperation – As a colleague Ingrid is a happy and positive person, with great reserves of energy. She solves problems. In stressful situations, she keeps her head. She works resolutely to ensure that everyone cooperates to the best of their abilities, even in demanding situations with frequently changing collaborators.

She is able and prepared to share her knowledge and expertise in our multidisciplinary groups, and contributes to our efforts to constantly improve.

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4. Holbæk Team Føniks

We are happy to have received Supervision from Ingrid, as she is an effective support for colleagues both on a one-to-one basis and for the team as a whole….

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